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Milonga withdrawal symptoms


If I were in any doubt about my addiction to tango, this evening would have dispelled it. This was the first week since I started dancing in the milonga after the Tuesday class that I was unable to do so – and I really, really missed it …

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Always Be Dancing

Always Be Dancing.jpg

Tonight’s improver’s class was on using the cross to change direction.

We started by practicing the cross. I had, the first time around, found that deceptively difficult for some reason. I subsequently got the hang of it, but I know there’s a vast chasm between a cross that works and a really good one, so I was more than happy to get more practice at it.

We then moved on to using it to change direction …

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A milonga milestone

milonga milestone

I wrote about one major milestone earlier this month: finally feeling like I have enough vocabulary to cope with a milonga where there isn’t much movement. That was followed by my first tangasm, and another really good experience in the Tuesday milonga a week later.

I realised afterwards that another milestone has been achieved …

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When tripping over each other’s feet is a good thing

tripping up.jpg

Tonight’s Tango Space lesson was on the medio-giro, and with no class on Easter Monday, it was straight into the improver’s class.

But I felt comfortable with the beginner’s version from last time, and it’s something I use a lot in milongas, so didn’t mind jumping in at the deep end this evening …

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Dancing in three square feet in Hyde Park

hyde park.JPG

Warren Edwardes runs regular free milongas in the bandstand in Hyde Park. These are semi-official: held with permission, but without actually hiring the bandstand, so they rely on other park users cooperating. Normally, they also wouldn’t have the lighting, but the Royal Parks people kindly switched them on.

The space is small, and tonight was popular, so things were absolutely packed. Steph said it was almost like a Buenos Aires milonga. All of which left each couple dancing in about three square feet, leaving room for precisely one step forward and one side-step …

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Learning from a class beyond my abilities

intermediate class.jpg

I’d mentioned on a tango Facebook group that I was looking for tips to help me avoid leading with my arms. I got lots of helpful responses, and Mark Phoenix also suggested I join the Strictly Practica event they were running on Sunday so he and Nozomi could offer some help.

The afternoon began with a class from a visiting teacher, Martin Ojeda. The phrase ‘visiting teacher’ is normally code for ‘stuff way too advanced for me,’ so my plan had been to attend the practica only, but Mark promised Nozomi would work with me on simpler versions, so I took a deep breath …

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I will never understand tango


I said that I was prepared for a disappointment after last week’s amazing milonga, and I think if things had been terrible this week, I’d have shrugged and figured that tomorrow’s another day.

Instead, it was just puzzling …

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