A plan to move beyond my Minimal Comfort Zone

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My usual approach to Tango Space lessons does seem to do the trick: do beginner, Practica and improver classes on Monday; then the improver class on Tuesday (with the follow-on beginner class in reserve if I’m still struggling).

The two classes tend to take different approaches …

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The calesita … and variations


Back into group classes after my illness-enforced absence, and the theme was the calesita. A movement in which the follower pivots on one foot in the centre while the leader walks backwards around her.

In the beginner’s class, we did a sidestep entry, the calesita itself – and then the idea was for the leader to stop, but not stop the follower’s pivot. If all went to plan, her momentum would see her continue to pivot for about another 1/4 of a turn, by which time she should be facing the leader once more …

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Meet my new practice partner


Diego recommended her. She isn’t the most responsive of followers, but does have a few advantages. She has a very strong core and holds her axis well. Pivots very nicely on the spot. Doesn’t do anything I don’t lead. But most importantly of all, she’s always available.

She’s currently helping me practice a couple of key things …

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A breakthrough after an unplanned break


Steph had suggested that there can be value in taking a break from tango every now and then, to allow things to consolidate. I could see sense in that, but the fixed cycle of the Tango Space classes complicated matters. I wanted to wait until I’d completed the full 12-week cycle, and then pick a week with a topic where I felt sufficiently comfortable to skip a week.

As things turned out, I didn’t get any say in the matter …

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A vague Americana, and an exploding brain

exploding brain

The theme of this week’s Tango Space lessons is the Americana. A figure in which leader and follower end up walking side-by-side.

Even the beginner version had a lot to think about. Rebound forward on left foot while dissociating to the left. Then during the spring back, dissociate right while stepping back with the left foot, and keep opening to the right while taking a side step. Then one Americana step forward together, the leader taking a slightly shorter step, then re-associate right and keep the follower’s weight on her left foot so you can walk out …

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Endless ochos of the useful kind, and the social in social dancing


I’ve mentioned before the ‘endless ocho’ issue I’ve encountered, where I either fail to lead an exit, or followers go onto auto-pilot, or some combination of the two.

I think Diego gave me a solution that should work regardless of the cause, but tonight I got to enjoy endless ochos of the useful variety …

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