Why the side menu has changed (aka I write too much)

I write too much

Until today, the side menu simply listed all previous posts, most recent at the top. You could just scroll all the way down to the very first post.

But it seems WordPress thinks I write too much …

I discovered yesterday that the ‘Recent posts’ option has a limit of 150 posts, and apparently yesterday’s was my 151st.

So, I’ve had to rejig things. The side menu now has the five most recent posts, then month-by-month links to the rest. When you click/tap on a month, the content will change to that month’s posts – but they will still be in reverse order, so you’ll need to scroll down to the bottom of the page if you want to read them in sequential order.

Since I had to change the menu anyway, I’ve taken the opportunity to make the email alert more prominent – this was previously rather well-hidden. I’ve also added a Google translate option, so now I can write too much for people who don’t even speak English.

That is all.

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