Los Angelitos, and my best ever reaction from a new follower


As I mentioned last time, I’m no longer writing full blog posts for milongas, just a few snippets of things that stand out.

The first of which is what definitely counts as my best ever reaction from a new follower …

I cabeceo’d her after seeing her dance in my kind of style. It was a lovely Pugliese tanda, and we had a really great first song. I did the BsAs-style thing with a new follower: taking time to get comfortable in the embrace with nothing more than weight changes for the first 20-30 seconds, then slow walking for the first few phrases before some equally slow ochos.

As the song ended, she tilted her head back, looked at me and gave me a Carry On style “Hellooooo!” followed by “Who are you?”

I laughed, and told her I was Ben. She introduced herself, and we had a delightful tanda. She was an active follower, who at first took advantage of invitations to dance at her own pace, and later proposed things which I managed to pick up on and run with. She went straight onto to my favourite follower’s list.

I danced a milonga tanda with a friend. We hadn’t danced one for quite some time, and she told me how much my milonga had improved. “You’re so much more confident with it now.”

It had helped that it was a relatively quiet floor – it was toward the end, some people had left already and the usual number were sitting out the milongas – so there was room to move, but that was very nice to hear.

Two of my other favourite followers from Tango Space were there, and I had two or three lovely tandas with each of them.

One is a Salsa dancer, relatively new to tango, and didn’t know milonga – which I didn’t know when I cabeceo’d her. Or, rather, I asked, but she didn’t understand the question so said yes. It turned out she didn’t, so we instead danced tango to the half-beat. That was a little strange, but worked surprisingly well!

There were two followers I didn’t know who I added to my hit-list when I saw them dance. One left early, but I got the chance to dance with the other, which was as lovely as I’d expected.

One problem with my mild facial aphasia is that I use shortcuts like clothing, which only work on the day! She was wearing a very distinctive dress, so I had no problem identifying her when I wanted to cabeceo her, but would have no clue next time. I hope she wears the same dress …

Finally, one of my favourite followers who I only see at Los Angelitos danced with me and said “I see you picked up some new things in Buenos Aires.” I hadn’t thought I had, much, but she gave as an example a time when I simply had her walk around me. It was so simple, I hadn’t thought of it as a new thing, but realised that yes, I had picked that up there somewhere there, and she said BsAs was the only place she’d been lead that before today.

The milonga ran for an extra hour today, as it had Mara Ovieda as a guest DJ. By the time it finished, we were hungry, so four of us headed to the Vietnamese restaurant almost next door and had a very enjoyable chat over dinner – complete with an excellent Argentinian Malbec!

Next up will be the Tango Space milonga on Tuesday, where I’m told Mara will also be DJing. I’m looking forward to it!

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