It’s not about how good the DJ is …

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It’s about how good a match they are to my personal tastes.

Los Angelitos is normally reliably great as it combines my kind of music – thanks to Bruno sharing my tastes for slow, lyrical songs – and my kind of followers. This week, however, it was lacking the first ingredient …

Instead of Bruno DJing, there was a guest DJ, Daniel Pereyra. I think he’s rather well-known and has a lot of fans, but none of that matters if their tastes differ from mine.

The music was very heavy on the fast and rhythmical, very light on the slow and lyrical. It was very party-like, as one follower commented, but it was the opposite of what I love about Los Angelitos. 

Mostly, I socialised. Indeed, I would have sat out even more tandas had I not been invited by some favourite followers I didn’t want to decline. Most milongas, I would have suggested waiting for music more to my tastes, but it eventually became clear that wasn’t going to happen, so I had to do the best I could with what was on offer.

I did mention to Bruno that the music wasn’t quite in keeping with his usual fare, and he said he’d suggest a slower pace. That did seem to do the trick, as we got slower music in the final hour, but two back-to-back Troilo tandas wouldn’t have been my first choice … As a sign of how desperate I was for lyrical music, I danced both of them.

Bruno did assure me he was DJing next week.

I will, though, have plenty of opportunities for better luck this week: Tango Space on Tuesday, Tango Terra on Thursday and my first ever visit to Carablanca on Friday.

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