Tango Terra was heaven again, even with overly-tight new shoes

Tango Terra.jpg

After yesterday’s work, it was time for the week’s second instalment of Tango Terra fun.

My new shoes, an Xmas present from Steph, had finally arrived. The good news was that they were absolutely gorgeous. The bad news was that they were far too tight ….


Steph was unfazed by this and introduced me to the battery of shoe-stretching tips apparently used by women since the dawn of time. Or inventions of the hairdryer and freezer respectively, anyway.

First up was jamming my feet into them with winter socks and heating up the leather with a hairdryer, then walking (well, hobbling) around in them until they cooled down. Three times.

Next up was putting freezer bags inside the shoes, filling them with water and freezing them. Yes, really. When the water freezes, the expansion stretches the leather, apparently without damaging it. We did that, twice.

There was a definite improvement, but they still felt painful to wear. Steph tried to persuade me that this was the point at which you just wear them to dance. I was not convinced, but decided to take them, dance one tanda and then count my toes. I took my old shoes, ready to make the swap when needed. But, to my huge surprised, I danced in them for four hours straight. I think by the end of the week, some four milongas later, they should be comfortable.

Tango Terra

I’d arranged to meet a friend there at 4pm so we could do some walking when the floor was empty. We duly did this, and it was wonderful! The walk still remains my absolute favourite tango movement. Give me great music, a follower with a fantastic walk and an empty floor, and I’m in heaven – all of which was present this afternoon.

Sundays are a lot quieter than Thursdays, with fewer familiar faces, but there was still plenty of opportunity to dance.

The friend in question wanted a video of herself dancing, and I shot some of her dancing with a mutual friend, and then he shot some of us dancing. They say you should never video yourself in the first two years, but I must say it looked a lot better than I expected!

I mostly danced with a handful of favourite followers, but I did dance with a few new followers. One turned out to be way above my level, but was a delight. I had one funny moment with another …

I was chatting to a friend when the music started, and it didn’t immediately grab me. When it suddenly did, I looked for a free follower and saw only three, two of whom weren’t looking around. The third was, but I wasn’t entirely sure I’d caught her eye. I nodded, and she gave a nod so imperceptible I still wasn’t sure. It was only when I stood and we walked toward each other that I was certain.

She was a lovely dancer, and I said as much in the break between the first two songs. “I’ve been trying to cabeceo you for ages,” she said! I apologised for having been oblivious to this.

Honestly, most of my Tango Terra blogs could be copy-and-pasted: fantastic music, super-relaxed atmosphere, amazing followers and wonderful dances. The Sunday ones don’t have quite the same feel as the much busier Thursday evening ones, but make up for it with more space. 

Afterwards, three tango friends came round for drinks, the perfect end to a great day!

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