Way too little sleep, way too much food – and doing some technique exercises

Yes, that photo does look exceedingly tilted, which is an entirely accurate impression of how I felt after dragging myself out of bed. (For the avoidance of doubt, those are not my toes: Tina took the photo.)

I fully intended to sleep in until around noon. I instead slept from 4.30am to 7.27am. The mystery of why this might be was solved when I realised I’d been so tired last night (well, this morning) that I’d put the shutters up instead of down. That’s about the state of my brain right now …

I wrote yesterday’s blog, uploaded my video clips to YouTube so I could embed them, and then lazed around drinking very much tea. At lunchtime, we figured it was time for breakfast, so decided to take a stroll. However, when we got outside, something was very, very wrong …

Directly above us, where the night should be, there was a huge amount of light! Some of it was blue and some of it was yellow.

I googled, and found that other tanageros/as have occasionally seen it, but nobody has been able to identify it. However, I read that if you move slowly and don’t stare directly at it, it’s relatively harmless.

We wanted to check out the nearest laundrette, which is a good minute or so’s walk from the apartment. We then wandered even further, crossing the road to an Italian restaurant. Having done our exercise for the morning, we figured we’d better replenish the calories.

I’m not sure what the Spanish is for ‘Señorita, I need to feed my family of seven who have not eaten for many days,’ but clearly I accidentally said that.

Tina only ordered enough for a family of four.

A bit of shopping, then back home to work through my sofa-sitting practice. A dedicated sofuero, I put in many hours of technique exercises.

Tina had a private with Diego booked for 6pm. I was glad I’d only booked one for the following day, as I’d already had no brain left, and after our brunch, I was physically incapable of movement. I lay on the sofa and eavesdropped. Still counts, right?

Our plan was to go out for dinner afterwards, but Diego had also had a big lunch, so none of us were capable of eating. So we sat out on the balcony and drank Malbec.

We started by polishing off the rest of the accidentally-purchased one, then started on part two of my Great Malbec Experiment. Shopping at my local supermarket, I bought both the most expensive and the cheapest they offered. Seen here with the Luca I accidentally bought on day one, we have here £20, £8 and … 90p!

Diego already knew the £8 one. It’s perfectly nice, but not really any better than you could get for a tenner in London, so certainly not one of the country’s bargains. It will take me a few days to finish the bottle, so I’ll update when I open the 90p one!

This is just a frame-grab from a quick video call we made, so the image is very blurry and noisy – but then so were we.

Several glasses in, Diego was trying to persuade me that we could now go on to a milonga. I advised him that after so much wine, I would need stabilisers. So, for all those of little faith in my ‘maximum of one milonga a day’ claim, I wish to officially place it on record that this was a Zero-Milonga Day! Zero! Twenty-four (count ’em) whole hours without a milonga!

I was in bed by 10pm.

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