Setting up my Buenos Aires office; prepare for shorter blogs!

Not sleeping after Salon Canning finally caught up with me at 5pm yesterday! I went for a stroll, bought some pastries and then had to admit defeat at go to bed at 5pm.

I felt more human by the morning. After coffee, tea, breakfast, and more tea, I set up my Buenos Aires office, ready for the morning …

The life of a freelance writer has its pros and cons. On the downside, I don’t get any paid holiday – and the specialist nature of my work means that it’s also very difficult to find anyone to stand in for me. For this reason, I typically only take two weeks’ holiday a year. I took this first week as holiday, and will now have three weeks of having to work in the mornings.

On the upside, I mostly work five hours a day. That makes for an excellent work-life balance in London, and in BsAs it means I can go to afternoon milongas when I finish work (saving the late nights for Fridays and Saturdays).

There is, though, one last piece of bad news. Because part of my writing includes tech news coverage, I cover the early morning shift New York time. That’s fine in the UK, when my start time is a highly civilised 11am – not so great here! Back in November, I had to start work at 8am. That was bad enough after sometimes getting home from milongas at 3am or worse, but because the US is now on Daylight Saving Time, and Argentina doesn’t go in for that nonsense, this time it will be 7am! That will mean getting up at 6.30am latest to allow enough coffee to activate my brain.

I managed to survive a week of late nights and early starts last time, but three weeks of it would kill me! I shall therefore have to be restrained in the late night – with a self-imposed 11pm weekday curfew – and will also have less time for the blog, so expect fewer and/or shorter ones.

The reason I opted to take my one week of holiday first is that I wanted time to settle in, make sure the electricity supply was stable, the wifi fast enough, and so on. The apartment wifi is nothing to write home about, but it’s fast enough, and although it needs rebooting about once a day, I do have the 25GB on my iPhone to serve as a personal hotspot if required.

Not being a morning person at the best of times, I got my office set up today so I’m all set for the morning. My M1 Max 16-inch MacBook Pro is in the middle, an Espresso 15-inch display to the left, and on the right is my 12.9-inch iPad Pro. The Espresso display has a single USB-C connection for both power and video signal, while the iPad connects via wifi using Apple’s Sidecar feature. (Slack chat window pixellated.)

This afternoon I’m resting while Tina goes shopping, and tonight’s plan is two outdoor milongas, at civilised times.

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