Feeling that festivals are my tango future

I know, I’ve only been to four events across two festivals so far, so it may be rather early to draw any firm conclusions. But certainly my limited experience to date suggests that festivals (and BsAs, of course!) may be where I do most of my dancing in future.

If this does prove to be the case, it’ll be the next stage in a gradual process for me …

First, there was the obsessive stage. When I was very new to tango, I signed up for every private, group class, workshop, practica and milonga I could find. I think at one point I had 11 tango events in one week.

I did gradually calm down over time. Eventually, I dropped most group classes in favour of privates only, and slowly reduced my weekly milonga schedule from around four a week to one or two.

Next stage was mostly dancing in London, but doing the occasional excursion or festival elsewhere. And now, I think I may be reversing that: viewing festivals as my primary dance playground, topped up with London milongas from time-to-time. This is really the next logical step in following my tango heart.

My plan, then, is to draw up a list of festivals I want to attend in the new year – aiming for around one a month – plus another month-long stay in BsAs in March.

When people elsewhere ask me where I live, and I say London, they say there must be all the tango you could want there. It always feels a little sad to have to reply ‘Yes, but …’

It is, though, a point more than one person told me I’d reach. Tango is many things to many people, and what it is to me is most reliably found at festivals and at milongas outside London.

As I said last time, it will mean dancing less, but more of the tango I want, and less of the tango I don’t, is a good deal.

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