Practicing energetic tiny steps with 89,999 other people


Bridgitta had suggested I needed to find my inner 8 year old to give me ideas about new ways to improvise to the music. I’d assured her I didn’t have one, and that I was born aged 40.

However, it turned out I was wrong: it just needed rather specific circumstances to find him …

Specifically, a live Fleetwood Mac concert and 89,999 other temporary occupants of Wembley Stadium. I took the above shot while standing at the top of the stairs ready to beat the crowds to the tube station at the end of the encore, but I was in the sixth row from the stage for the rest of it. Enjoying an absolutely stunning performance from here.


It was theoretically a seated concert, but at least on the pitch I don’t think a single person was sitting. There were people of every age, from those who probably saw them live in their early days to people who weren’t even born then. And I swear every single one of them was bopping and singing like, well, an 8-year-old. Even me.

Of course, me being me, there did come a point where I decided to tangoify it. First I was playing with momentum, holding the back of the seat in front of me and using it for some elastic swaying back and forth. And later I realised that having about one square foot in which to move was the perfect opportunity to practice putting energy into tiny steps. So I was, probably, the only one there who was doing tiny, deliberate back, forward and side steps and trying to really push into the ground for each.

But, for about an hour, it was just the eight-year-old. Cub scout’s honour.

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