A Chiquéless day, but La Brigada for dinner

Everything in BsAs takes longer than you think. Getting cash. Picking up trousers that should have been waiting for me on Friday. Recharging a SUBE card. You name it.

All of which explains why I didn’t make my planned visit to Nuevo Chiqué, making this a milongaless day … !

On the plus side, I did manage to pick of four of the five pairs of tango trousers, all of which fitted. They promised faithfully that the fifth pair will be delivered to me at 10am the following day, and they were (ok, 1pm, but still!).

Steph, Tina and I had arranged a posh dinner with Diego, and he’d offered us a choice of two steak places. At one of them, Parilla La Brigada, we were told the steak is so tender they actually cut it with a spoon. I felt this had to be seen.

It turned out they cheat and use a sharpened spoon, but all the same the steaks were fantastic quality and absolutely perfectly cooked. The pancake with Dulce de Leche was divine, and even had too much DdL for me!!!

I only recognised a handful of the Malbecs on the wine list, and though Diego knew many more, we opted to ask for a recommendation for a good mid-priced bottle. They recommended this, and it was lovely!

Diego had warned that this restaurant was closer to London prices than Argentine ones, with many famous visitors, and I fully expected that from the experience. Everything from the table dividers to the cutlery were really special … the food … the wine … the service … I was fully prepared to pay the price of a good London restaurant. We did not, however: the bill came to £22 per person.

It was such a lovely evening, full of laughter and entertaining stories.

The others were going on to La Maria afterwards, but I’d been there before and had my 11pm curfew approaching, and suddenly crashed. I grabbed a taxi home, very full of cow, and went straight to bed.

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