Next stop, Buenos Aires!


Everyone says it’s only a matter of time. Take up tango, and at some point you’re going to want to go to Buenos Aires.

I’m fortunate enough to have some local guides. Steph has been before, so knows her way around a bit – and, handily, speaks Spanish. Diego kindly gave us a literal day-by-day milonga schedule, with a taste of everything from uber-traditional at one end through casual porteño to ‘underground.’ I’m having a lesson and a drink with Iona Italia. And a friend who visits often has put us in touch with someone who is taking us to a barrio milonga a little way outside the city …

This trip is involving a novelty for me: hold baggage!

I spent more than a decade doing international tech research, so the vast majority of my travel has been on business. I half-joke that I’ve visited 73 countries and seen about 12 of them. My typical stay in a city has been 1-3 days, and I’ve always travelled hand-baggage only. This time it’s a fortnight, and as we’re planning to go to two milongas a day (one afternoon, one evening), I’m expecting to get through quite a few shirts! I’m thus taking most of my tango wardrobe.

Plus Stephanie has observed that we may have rather more clothing on the return journey than the outbound one. For my part, I’ll treat myself to a few pairs of tango trousers, perhaps an extra pair of shoes and – if a tailor recommendation pans out – a bespoke suit. The exchange rate, even for the beleaguered pound, makes an Argentine tailor an even better deal than a Hong Kong one.

Whether I’ll manage to keep up the blog while I’m there is anyone’s guess! The first week is pure holiday; the second week, I have to work five hours a day (which I’m doing in the mornings), so it’s going to be a busy time! The blog posts may be short …

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