Tango was teasing me tonight


I’d said to Steph earlier that I was considering dropping the Tuesday milonga from my schedule.

I hasten to add that’s not because there’s anything remotely wrong with it. Rather that, just as I did with my classes, I was wondering whether it was time to take a saner approach to my milonga schedule. I currently do three milongas a week, and was contemplating reducing it to two …

When we moved to central London, we vowed we were going to make the most of the opportunities that afforded, and boy have we done it! Milongas, classes, theatre, gigs, entertaining at home, visiting neighbours, out with friends … I typically have only one evening a week of downtime, and as an introvert, that’s a pretty dramatic change from the more sedate life I used to live.

After my initial period of doing four or five classes a week, sometimes more, I decided to rein back the lessons. I now generally just do one group class a week, and one private a fortnight.

However, while that was a significantly more sane schedule, I have somewhat ended up swapping a crazy number of lessons for a crazy number of milongas. My regular three:

  • Tuesdays: Tango Space
  • Thursdays: Tango Terra
  • Sundays: Los Angelitos or Tango Terra (alternating).

Plus others here and there.

If I was going to give up one of my regulars, it would be Tango Space. When I think of the percentage of music I want to dance to, at Tango Terra it’s close to 100%; at Los Angelitos, 75%; at Tango Space, typically, around 50%.

But sometimes it’s much higher, and tonight was one of those sometimes. The music was absolutely fantastic from start to finish. I sat out a few tandas, but not many – and that was more about needing a rest than about the music.

There were fewer of my regular followers than usual, but there were enough to keep me busy. I also got to dance with a couple of friends I haven’t danced with for a while, and a couple of new followers too.

One friend has developed a real talent for collaborative dance since my last tanda with her! I complimented her on her dancing, and she seemed a little uncertain about actively suggesting things, but I assured her I loved it.

All in all, I had a wonderful time. So my plan to cut back on the milongas is at least in doubt.

Let’s see how it is next week …

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